Advertising in Arts and Cultural Events Guide 2021 - 2022

This is the annual time frame when the Cultural Council offers you the opportunity to advertise in our Arts and Cultural Events Guide, yet this year differs from all others.  This pandemic has changed our world and we are all trying to adjust to the “new norm” we face daily.   It is our sincerest hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy during this challenging time.


Having been isolated for so long, we all need to consider ways in which to reconnect with and grow our client base, once free to do so.  We so hope you will use our Arts and Cultural Events Guide as one of your advertising tools and simultaneously support the arts.  Promoting arts and culture will be more important than ever to restore our County’s reputation as a prime destination for cultural experiences and events and to bring visitors back to enjoy the many offerings our local cultural arts industry makes available to them.   We value our advertisers as your support helps us ensure the important role of the arts is not diminished in our County.


Our Arts and Cultural Events Guide 2020-2021 has been published as  in booklet form and disseminated throughout our county and beyond.  In addition, it will also be available in digital form on our website in the same booklet format with pages you can turn online.  We will publicize this online Guide option on our website and through social media encouraging web users to access it for long term planning.  This allows for potential visitors, potential new residents, and current residents and visitors to view the guide online from anywhere in the world which greatly expands the potential clients your ad reaches.

We sincerely hope you will reserve space in our 2021-2022 Arts and Cultural Events Guide by sending us your signed Agreement for your ad.  We would appreciate your Ad Agreement earlier so we may place your ad in the best possible location in our Guide. 

Do not hesitate to contact me at 772-770-4857 if you have questions or need any additional information.    

Best, Elise Mahovlich

Executive Assistant