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Vision: to enrich the lives of people in our county, both residents and visitors, through the arts and cultural experiences.

Mission: to promote the cultural arts in Indian River County through education, collaboration, marketing, and advocacy as well as promoting cultural tourism through the popular and abundant arts and culture available in our county.

Founded in 1995, the CCIRC is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit, membership-based corporation serving over 160,000 residents and 600,000 visitors as the county’s Designated Arts Agency. Artists, cultural and community organizations and businesses are members. Our members include -​​

  • Fine Artists, Galleries, Museums

  • Literary Organizations, Authors

  • Classical Orchestras, Symphonies, Opera

  • Choral, Jazz & Blues Societies

  • Dance & Ballet

  • Speakers and Lecture Series

  • Environmental and Historical Organizations

  • Theatre

  • Non-Profit Community Organizations

  • Businesses for the Arts

We strongly advocate for our members through our affiliations with:

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